Maelstrom is a living, not pasteurized, fermented beer and is brewed to mark the 10th anniversary of SNAB. Looking back at the history of brewing, we noticed the phenomenon of mother-daughter beer on a regular base. This old brewing method used the same multiple deposit to brew more beers, and is the base for our Maelstrom (9.8%) and Snab Pale Ale (6.3%). By rinsing the heavy deposit an increasingly strong beer is obtained. For purely practical reasons, both beers are brewed separately. In our efforts to be innovative at the Dutch beer market, we herein also succeeded again with the Maelstrom. Especially for the lovers of dry beers, this hopbitter American Barley Wine has been developed. By using Cascade and Amarillo hops and the use of "dry-hopping, this beer has a distinct character.

Taste Description
Aroma fragrance Hop flowers, grapefruit, fruity.
Main links Bitter, dry, fruity.
Mouth Feeling Sticky yet dry.
Aftertaste Fruity, which turns into hop bitterness is long hang.
Comments By using "dry-hopping" has a strong American Barley Wine and also pleasant bitterness.

Technical Data
Beer Type American Barley Wine
Commodities Water, Pale Ale, Crystal and Munich malts, Cascade and Amarillo hops and yeast.
Fermentation Fermented, not pasteurized and secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Stam Wort 22.3 ° Plato.
Alcohol 9.2 Vol. %.
Residual sugars Moderate.
Color 45 EBC.
Bitterness 38 EBU.