Koning Honing

Koning Honing is a living, not pasteurized, fermented beer and distinguishes itself from other honey beers by the application of the special Sicilian orange blossom honey and Canadian clover honey. The honey is added into the brew after the main fermentation to fully refect its taste. Canadian clover honey has an incredibly full and rich butter, vanilla aroma and taste. Contrary to the general expectation, Koning Honing is not extreemly sweet, sticky or heavy. Do you fancy a beer with more character and flavor than a blond but are triples too tough, take something special: take a Koning Honing, the King of honey beers!

Taste Description
Aroma Honey fragrance, creamy, full.
Main links Honey, slightly hoppy, sweet.
Mouth Feeling Something sticky, alcohol warming.
Aftertaste Slightly spicy, bitter, sweet.
Comments Drier, more complex and less sweet than other honey beers.

Technical Data
Beer Type Honey Beer
Commodities Water, Cara-Vienne, Pils and Münchenermout, Orange Blossom Honey and Clover, Saaz hopkorrels, a top yeast and spice.
Fermentation Fermented, not pasteurized and secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Stam Wort 17.4 ° Plato.
Alcohol  7.5 Vol. %.
Residual sugars Medium-low.
Color 30 EBC (amber-orange).
Bitterness  EBU 25 (medium).


Gold Award European Beer Star Competition 2007, categorie 'Specialty Honey Beer'.